SAT Blue Book

<p>I've been going through the SAT Blue Book and taking the practice tests. According to the book, my scores have improved 100-150 points since my last SAT in October (I think). I have done minimal work to prepare.</p>

<p>How accurate are these tests? Have I actually improved that much just over the school year? Thanks for the help, just looking for an idea of where I'm at for Saturday.</p>

<p>do the blue book tests change from edition to edition??</p>

<p>BB edition 2 has the same tests as edition 1, plus three more. And they are reasonably accurate. My last two BB tests, which I took within a week of the actual SAT, were 2380 and 2330, I believe, and I ended up with an actual 2350. Fairly accurate, I'd say.</p>