SAT cheating...?

<p>I've always wondered, out of pure curiosity, what would happen if one was caught cheating on the SAT?</p>

<p>Other than that your results would be void, would there be long term consequences?</p>

<p>There must be some sort of blacklist system.</p>

<p>Though they really have no way to identify you other than your collegeboard account which can be re-made.</p>

<p>Hmm..but regulation on site is pretty tight it'd take a heck of an imagination to cheat.</p>

<p>But your collegeboard account has all of your information like your address and ss number.
So remaking an account wouldn't really solve anything</p>

<p>Some people choose to not provide their SSN to College Board. Though I assume it'll still be pretty easy to cross-reference the other information you provide. Maybe they deny you a new account if it detects all your information is the same as an existing account?</p>

<p>But its impossible to cheat because you said you wouldn't in cursive!!!!!!</p>

<p>^ has a point</p>

<p>a friend of mine payed $500 to another friend of mine for him to go to the test center with a fake id and take the test, he got 1310 and the person who payed is a complete moron he got like 900 the first time, i would be so ****ed if he got into a bette college than me</p>

<p>Was this a 1310 out of 1600?
cause if it was out of 2400, your friend payed the wrong friend</p>

<p>yeah out of 1600</p>

<p>we are internationals from Colombia though, for us that's higher than you might think. The highest score from my grade was a 1380, plus we are only like 40 in our grade</p>

<p>hahaha I thought you meant 1310 out of 2400
but since it was out of 1600, it's not all that bad</p>

<p>What can the consequences be if one is found doing other section, when one is not supposed to do so.For example, what if someone does CR during math?</p>

<p>I am also interested to know how the can proctor find out whether everyone is doing the sections accordingly or not.</p>

<p>Its far more better to fail than to cheat!</p>

Its far more better to fail than to cheat!


<p>Unfortunately, many people don't share this opinion.</p>

<p>If you need to cheat to get into a school you probably do not belong in that school and wont be able to keep up with the work :(</p>

<p>that's what i say, he is probably going to go to a good university and fail the first year, because right now in high school he pays everyone to do his homework/essays, and steals exams and uses cellphones on exams etc</p>

<p>mathmad, there's always a big number at the top of the test booklet indicating what section you're on.
Everyone's supposed to take the same section at the same time, so I'm guessing the proctor just walks around and sees if anyone's booklet has a different number.</p>



<p>If the room supervisor or proctor catches someone working on section 4 when everyone is supposed to be on section 2, there are consequences, depending on if it is the first time he's caught, second time etc. I personally verbally reprimand the student and tell them that if it happens again he'll be dismissed, which is what the rules say. I also add the word "only" to my instruction script, for example, "You will have 25 minutes to work on Section 3 <em>only</em>" Before section 10, the last section, I make sure to say that if they finish early they may not turn to any other section, as I often find students will say they were "just going back over the other sections"... um no, you can't do that.</p>

<p>However - even if everyone is working a particular section, some people will have math while some people have CR. So if you see some people with calculators out and some not, or you glance at their test book and see something that looks different from yours, that is why. Not everyone has the same test form ;)</p>



<p>It is very easy - each section's pages has the section number and a particular geometric shape (circle, square, rectangle, etc) in large bold print -- it is simple to tell at a glance down an entire row or section of students that they are all working on the correct section.</p>