SAT Chemistry Scoring curve

<p>What is the scoring curve on the SAT Chem like? Is it easy or not? on the barrons book it says a raw score of 75-85 is 800 while sparknotes says its a very tough scoring curve which require you to get an almost perfect raw score to get 800?</p>

<p>getting 3 wrong or skipping 4--------800</p>

<p>yep... you can miss 4 at maximum. There is no curve whatsoever lol</p>

<p>you can get a raw score of 78 out of 85 and get an 800, according to the Real SAT book</p>

<p>that curve must be outdated.</p>

<p>who told you that? if it is, then I have find out what the real curve for the SAT tests that I am taking this year is</p>

<p>Uhh... I took the test today and I must have ommitted about 15-20 questions... What is the maximum score I can get?</p>

<p>i took it today. Get the Princeton Review SATII Chem book. The barron's goes into waayyy too much detail and gets boring. Trust me....i had my midterms this week unluckily so i just had last night to prep. With the PR i omitted 8 but I'm pretty confident with the ones i answered.</p>

<p>I skipped like 16 questions, but I don't think I got more than 4 wrong, so what is the score I'd be looking at?</p>

<p>darn I never timed myself on my PR tests that I did. On both tests I got between 700-730. I only started preparing 1 week ago and never learned like 40% of the material. So I was kinda slow since all of the concepts I memorized was only in my short term memory and not long term-->had to omit like 15 questions including the last 9 or more. DARN it.</p>

<p>You can miss three and get no wrong OR
Miss none and get 2 wrong maxm. Anything less means ur on a 790. Thats what the bb says</p>