SAT Composite

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<p>-Question: I took the SAT I twice and got a best composite score 1510. However, the first time I took the SAT I got 710 m, 710 v. The second time I got 800 v, 610 m. ( so i got a 1420 and a 1410 separately).My question is, although they "consider" the 710 m and the 800 v, will my other scores, the 610 m, reflect poorly on me?</p>

<p>no they give u the benefit of the doubt</p>

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<p>Not really. Would it have been better if you had gotten the 710 with the 800? Yes. But when it comes down to it they take whatever your top score is in either. You took the test twice, thats certainly not overdoing it. As shrek says, they'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Lets put it this way, its far better to have that 800 than not, even with the 610.</p>