SAT critical reading

<p>What do you think is the most effective way of improving your skills(or score)</p>

<p>in the critical reading section in a short period of time?</p>


<p>Try out Grammatix</p>

<p>You can go to the library and read diff techniques and try it out until you find what works.</p>

<p>I tried to follow Grammatix when he said you don't have to read the whole thing. TUrns out I got more questions right when I do read the whole thing. So just test what works for you.</p>

<p>Buy SAT I official book from Amazon. It's 10-20 bucks.</p>

<p>I improved from 600 to 800. Good lucks!!!! Hehe.</p>

<p>"I speak many languages, but English is my goodest."</p>

<p>i think overloading your brain with too many new words is not worth it if the time is the high frequency word lists surely....also reading comprehension is one are where most marks get try out different startegies to increase your speed and, more importantly, your accuracy....</p>

<p>Very true...</p>