SAT Critical Reading

<p>Hello I am a Junior who just got my PSAT back and got a 218. I got a 78 in Writing, 76 in Math, but only a 64 in Critical Reading. This score was much lower than the other two sections and may have held me back from achieving NMSF in NJ. Nevertheless, I want to improve my score to definitely above a 700 but even above a 750 if possible. Does anyone have any CR tips besides doing tests in the Blue Book? That method definitely worked for Writing and Math but my CR score is not improving as much. Thanks! </p>

<p>try kahn that help me improve, and it’s free. type kahn academy in google the site should pop up. He shows you why you’re right and wrong in a short video. It’s so quick you can practice before you go to bed and learn something.</p>