SAT Drunk!!!

<p>Ok I just came up with a wild idea. What would you score if you took the SAT while drunk?</p>

<p>How do you think your scores would change.</p>

<p>I think that CR/Writing would go down, but Math would go up, because you would take your time and work more slowly. Anyway this is hypothetical, but would anyone give it a try?</p>

<p>Yea good luck with that. You'd probably get kicked out before you would even be able to sit down and take the test.</p>

<p>Lol at your math score going up.</p>

<p>Almost surely, all your scores would go down.</p>

<p>You would have to study while drunk, too. These are the kinds of tests you run after being accepted to a research university.</p>

<p>This reminds me of the kids who claim weed made them smarter.
well one got into stanford...</p>

<p>Well not to brag or anything but I took the SAT high my first time and got a 2310.</p>

<p>Gadgor, your the person who made a thread asking if online prep companies were worth the money... Obviously you didn't get a 2310.</p>

<p>A kid at my school did that and got a 2270. He was also high. He's a freaky genius.</p>

<p>Kind of scary that you're stalking me, bro.</p>

<p>^haha you would definitely take the SAT high and get a 2310.</p>

<p>Greedisgood is just trying to make the curve better the next time he takes the sat. Obvious sabotage is obvious.</p>

<p>^ I would be crazy if I try any of the methods listed by the OP in the real exam. However, taking a shot at a QAS and looking at what happens may be a good entertainment.</p>

<p>@notasophistamore: Stanford?! The people that say that to me are some of the stupidest I've ever met!</p>

<p>My friend got a 2320 stoned out of his damn mind.</p>

<p>i can't believe people who actually think their "friends" take sat "high" and own credulous</p>

<p>stoned != drunk</p>

<p>YAh standford :/</p>

<p>Not my friend though.</p>

<p>If I tried taking the test stoned I would either fail miserably or get lucky and get a near perfect/perfect score.</p>

<p>well i took my first SAT horny, if that counts... there was a hot chick in front of me omg i couldn't focus fml. AND WHEN I GOT TO THE READING SECTION OMFG I COULDNT FOCUSSS AT ALL. ended up with 1850. i got all the front page of math sections wrong. lmao. but the chick was so dammm fine~!</p>