SAT essay example help.(For nov 8)

<p>I have read the 12 in 10 days post and had a look at the prompts and all but I am really having a hard time in collecting the right examples. I don't have very good writing skills and lack knowledge of history, literature or current events. I got an 8 in October SAT last month but I think I was a bit lucky with the prompt.
I have been preparing examples such as: Oprah, Ben Carson (gifted hands), Forrest gump, Gandhi, and Chris Gardener (Pursuit of happiness). Last essay I used Ben Carson and Forrest gump.
English is not my native language so I haven't read most of the classic novels or popular ones, hence completely lacking literary examples. I have tried looking at themes from sparknotes without even studying the book (did that for 1984), but haven't collected much information. I think my examples are not sufficient and varied. So guys can you suggest me some examples I can simply mug up and that would work for most prompts or is there another alternative like writing personal ones(Which most people are against)?
And one more thing my SAT is on November 8 and I have about a week, I have tried looking for examples and collected very few so far and the process is time consuming. Looking up examples has eaten up my time while I could be preparing other sections. BTW I got 640 Writing last SAT (Had a scaled score of 65 that is like making 5-6 MCQs wrong I guess), so essay is really dragging my writing score down. Any help is appreciated thanks!</p>

<p>English is not my native language either and i landed in the same predicament - the 80:20 rules is only good as long as you have the 80. What i took form the talk was that good intro, with a thesis, introduction to examples and maybe personal input, 2-3 examples followed by personal input and a strong conclusion. I admit im proficient in english, however, in India, we aren’t taught literature. Being a science enthusiast, i found Newton and Einstein to be promising examples, and at the end of the day, ive managed 10+ essays just by using Einstein, Newton, Tesla , fabricated personal experiences and my knowledge of computer hardware. This one time i even used video games. What i’m trying to say is, find something you like, and use it. It may not be as effective as literature, but with strong logical flow (intro+ example x2+ conclusion) and mediocre examples, you can land a 10 (conservatively). Whenever youre at a loss for examples, fabricate stories. I read somewhere, an example which said that do something like “A story published in my local paper spoke of a woman who went form being on the street to prosperity by following her hearth, bleh, bleh”. Hopefully this helps, even im giving it on 8th. Cheers!</p>

<p>@WackyPanda‌ Thanks a lot! That tip really eases my situation. I will just learn few examples which I am most familiar with and interested in. I was ambivalent on the fabricating part but guess I will make up some local stories if I find myself struggling with examples on the test day. Thanks once again and best of luck for the SAT!</p>

<p>Ditto. I read somewhere that the graders aren’t actually allowed to judge on material of the essay :P. But you know, just to be safe. Best of luck!</p>

Hope that is true :confused: I did read it in the forums too. Actually what I read was made up examples won’t affect your scores. Well, it’s my last resort anyways.
Hope my examples will be sufficient. </p>

<p>I got a 10 on my essay for the October SAT, and I really only followed a few rules: 1. Make up believable stories. I felt like that last prompt was the perfect prompt to put in personal stories, so all three of my examples were stories. Two real, one fake. 2. Use three examples. Show that you can support what you want to get across with more than just an example or two. Make it a five paragraph essay. 3. They HATE HATE HATE it went you say “The first example is…” “My second example is…” as a topic sentence for each body paragraph. Start off with your example, just don’t say the “My first example…” part!!! I don’t know if these are legitimate tips, but those were the only three things I was aware of while writing my essay and I got a 10. I’m not a very good writer either. I am notorious for having awkward writing in all of my essays, but I still came out alright.</p>

<p>@PhilipL Haha and congrats for your 10 I had 5 minutes left but I wrote only two examples in the essay section maybe three examples would have gotten me a 10? Anyways haven’t prepared essay at all. I will write one or two essays before Nov 8. I have researched a few examples and read some tips though. If I don’t get a 10 then I may not cross the 2000 mark everything rides on this essay.
I will look at those transitions and use fake but believable examples if I have to this time. Thanks for the tips by the way.</p>

<p>@hope1097‌ No problem! I hope your essay went well today!!</p>

<p>@PhilipL‌ Hey there, I had to make up two examples one from my locality and one was more of an observation. But I filled two pages, have used some good vocabularies, and given three examples. It was better than last time, hoping for at least a 10 but who knows.
But the whole SAT was a bit disappointment. Maths missed 1 and got 1 silly mistake so no 800, who knows there maybe more silly mistakes. Writing didn’t go as well as planned and CR maybe 580-620. So composite of maybe like high 1900s. How about yours?</p>

<p>@hope1097‌ That’s great still! I’m glad to hear it.
I did not take the SAT this November. I will probably take it again in the spring just to get my CR score up that I got in October.</p>

<p>@PhilipL‌ Yeah it’s not excellent but good. Thank you! Best of luck with your SAT. I am getting my essays ready and preparing to apply.</p>