Sat essay? I keep on getting perfect scores according escore but i fail the real one?

<p>Hi. I was wondering what kind of scores I'll receive on a real ap test with this 25 min essay. The topic is about whether identity changes or not. Please be honest and give me tips!</p>

<p>"True identity" is not innate; identity morphs constantly throughout the lifespan. Indeed, an individual is born with an initial state of being but that transforms as the organism mature. The evolving state of human's genes and my personal change validates that identity is never stagnant.</p>

<p>Many Scientists have tried to label and dissect a person't scientific identity - the gene; during this process, researchers identified a relationship between genes and the environment. This is evident in the most contemporary twins study. When identical twins are born, they are comprised of the same genes; They are both derived from the same egg and sperm cells. However, the twins may look alike and act alike but they are never 100% identical. Reason being the environmental-dependent genes within the brothers/sisters diverging as the two different individuals experience unique interactions with human beings and nature. Therefore, from a scientific standpoint, the "identify" changes.</p>

<p>My current state of being and my state of being 5 years ago does not resemble on another. During my pre-adolescnet years, I always threw temper tantrums whenever anything displeased me; I relied heavily on my surrounding whether it was my parent or a friend when I faced an arduous task. These characteristics are no longer existent. Today, I am more patient and serene when undergoing uncomfortable experiences. I am more independent and iron-hearted when plowing through a monumental order. In other words, I am not the same immature human being that I was 5 years ago. In fact, when I visited my family members back in Korea in 5 years, my grandparents incessantly commented about my altered appearance and maturity and some of my cousins could not converse with me because my transformation created an awkward atmosphere.</p>

<p>A stagnant identity, thus, is nonsensical. The same person does not wake up every day; human beings are altered every second of their lives. Therefore, dynamic, ever-changing beings reside o this planet, bending and morphing to the will of the environment. Scientists can validate and support this ida with their meticulous and complex genetic studies and I can vividly testify my transformation throughout my journey. If I write this essay 5 years later, this essay will have a new style and approach. Why? - because my identity will be changed by then.</p>


<li>The examples are great. They're fully developed and well thought out. Most importantly, you support your thesis and make a coherent argument. You didn't get the 12 because of vocabulary. You must incorporate SAT vocabulary into your essays. It must be well distributed evenly throughout; don't just inundate the introduction or conclusion. Cautiously sprinkle SAT words all throughout APPROPRIATELY. Graders can tell when you're forcing SAT words or using them incorrectly. For example (incorrect usage) Dwarfism is a disease that causes people to be very succinct. Succinct means "short" in terms of length, not necessarily height. Proper usage: This sentence is succinct. So practice and familiarize yourself with the words until they become a part of your lexicon and then you'll subconsciously be using them correctly. Hope I helped, good luck!</li>