SAT Essay "Is compromise always the best way to resolve a conflict?"

I wrote this essay in preparation for the test on January 24th. It is my first essay written within the 25 minute time limit, so it is a bit sloppy. Could someone review it and give a grade out of 12? Your brutally honest opinion is appreciated. Thanks.

Is compromise always the best way to resolve a conflict?

    The Compromise of 1850 ostensibly was a prudent solution to the issue of slavery in borderline states. However, it ultimately led to cataclysmic bloodshed and contributed to the United States' escalation into civil war. Compromise is not necessarily the best way to resolve a conflict because compromise can lead to prolonged feelings of acrimony and antipathy among opposing groups and eventually incur even greater conflict. For example, in D.J. MacHale's Rivers of Zadaa, the belligerent Batu and Rokador tribes experience resentment towards one another because of a tenuous treaty between the two. Likewise, in the T.V. series Gundam, conflicts between naturally born humans and genetically enhanced humans escalate into war despite the valiant efforts of others to appease them with compromise.