SAT Essay or not? (URGENT question)

Hi! I am an International student from Italy. I will apply to Ivies and other prestigious universities (Northwestern, NYU, Fordham…), for the Class of 2025. I will take the test for the first and last time this Saturday. I haven’t had much time to practice, and I hope to score around 1500. Given the short time I had to prepare, I have never practiced the SAT Essay: I have the College Panda guide, which is short and probably readable in an hour or so, but I could just take one practice essay. My command of English is good, but this is a kind of text I have never written before.
Considered that I am applying to the top Universities and taking into account the SAT score which I expect to get, what are the pros and cons of taking the Essay? Will it be detrimental if I get a bad score? Will it be beneficial if I don’t? In the end, what should I opt for?

Other than West Point, no college cares about the essay score or requires it. No need to take.

Even if I am an International student? My main worry is this line which I found on PrepScholar’s website “Nevertheless, the Essay might be helpful for international students who want to prove they have strong English skills and who think they’ll do especially well on it”.

Prepscholar is offering an opinion. They have no special insight. Nor do I. But my opinion is that the essay portion of the SAT cannot be used in lieu of TOEFL for those colleges that require. For those colleges that do not require TOEFL, your application essays and SAT EBRW score will convey your proficiency.

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Thank you so much! This is such a great help you’re giving me…