SAT essays

<p>This is actually a suggestion by Pranjal. </p>


<p>i believe that instead of posting essays on cc and ask people to read and grade it might not fetch good results. i've tried this out myself but somewhere else and for some other thing... instead find the ones like you, who plan to prepare for their SAT essay...make a group out of these. every one does one essay a day then mail it to everyone in the group, everyone grades the essay,,, and so you see the process continues... and this'll really work out.</p>

<p>To start off, the gp has two members,</p>


<p>tell me how you find the suggestion, do pt out the lose nuts and bolts</p>


<p>If anyone is interested give me private message or post on the thread.</p>

<p>I'm here </p>

(plz excuse me for all the punctuations up there---i just don't want to type a lot)</p>

<p>I'm interested


<p>bump come on people, no one.</p>

<p>too much of an effort- they'll be up here anyway =/</p>

<p>count me in as soon as there are at least 10 members.</p>

<p>thats 3 fhfh</p>

<p>count me in as soon as there are 15 members</p>

<p>wow! I totally forgot about this thread. people don't seem interested in the idea..anyway, like I said in post # 6.</p>

<p>i guess i wud be interested.. lets do it</p>

<p>k i'll join ur essay group thing. invite me.
email is <a href=""></a></p>


<p>bump.. wutz with this thread.. post ppl</p>

<p>sure 5 on roll already!!!</p>

<p>Lets decide about the TOPICS AND GET STARTED</p>

<p>Also, lets make it two topics a day,,,,</p>

<p> harvard
3. to stanford
4. i need helpXD
5. stuck on 1700 or/and aznn3rd</p>

<p>DAY 1: Topics </p>

<p>any suggestions,
don't mention all the topics that you've here itself,
rather lets go in turn,
no.1 i.e to-HarvardIhope suggests 2 topics for day one and then no.2 and so on......</p>

<p>also lets not dissipate time if the first one doesn't answer, lets begin with the second one....</p>

<p>IF YOU LIKE THE IDEA then plz let me know at the earliest,
don't post ur email addresses here, they might get spammed, so use PM, mail me ur emails and i'll forward them to all the members of the SAT Essay Club</p>

<p>come on guys, we can have more than 5</p>

<p>we should start spamming all the messag boards about it</p>

<p>Hmm spamming.. you really deserve flaming.. ppl like u are fuelling this spam maina over the internet... dudes, just spare cc. :roll:</p>