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<p>Here's another essay i did, last essay i got 10/12.
What grade would you give for this essay and what should i do to get a higher score on the next test? Thanks.</p>

<p>We are often encouraged to stop worrying about making mistakes and advised not to dwell on those we have already made. But without analyzing mistakes- decisions and actions that made a project fail, for isntance- how can anyone be successful? Besides, tehre are some well known mistakes others have made that seem worth studying acerfully. Perhaps these mitakes could have been prevented if those responsible had been more concerned about making mistakes in the first place.</p>

<p>Do people have to pay attention to mistakes in order to make progress?</p>

<p>Imagine a moment when you're selling a house and needed someone to assist you. Therefore, you hired a real estate agent and they simply guessed a good price for your house and ripped you off because they did not have the incentive to take time to find the best price possible. After realizing that it was wrong to hire a real estate agent, he or she started to sell the house on their own and started to prosper economically. Progress always happens by going through an erroneous life. A good example is Martin Luther King, a heroic man who made a speech called 'I Have a Dream'. Another example that proves that mistake is required in order to make progress is Rose, a female character in a novel 'Fences' by August Wilson.</p>

<p>Martin Luther King is a great example to show that its required to look at your own mistakes in order for you to progress. At first, African Americans were treated as slaves and were whipped by landowners and other classes who were overwhelmingly powerful. They only believed that life is meant to be this way until a couple hundred years when Martin Luther King appeared. He realized, after looking through the past history, that its a mistake and its wrong to admit to the United States that its right to segregate African Americans. After realizing the mistake that the government is being a racist and unfair, he made a speech in front of millions of American people to express his feelings. By doing so, the people, even the whites who thought of African Americans as people who should be punished, started to realize that its wrong to look at people for who they are. African Americans started to get more jobs and prosper. Mistake is not significant. What brings success and progress is to look deeply in yourself and find out what mistake you think the society is making and bring your thoughts into action.</p>

<p>Rose, a female character in the novel 'Fences', is another example that proves the point that mistake is required to make progress. She was strong in the novel. She had a strong mindset from the start but that isn't what's important. The important thing was that she became stronger after looking at her husband's actions. Troy, Roses' husband, was a weak man who, because of extreme frustration, changed his mind about living with his wife and cheated on another girl. He had no choice but to come back to Rose because his wife died after the baby was born. He wanted Rose to take care of his baby. Because her Christian mindset was so strong and firm, she decided to take care of the baby since he did nothing and was merely born in this terrifying world. Troy's love who died symbolized the idea that mistakes created progress. Because Troy cheated and begged for mercy, Rose became stronger and progressed. She learned that in order for her children to stay strong and live their own life, she had to be a good parent who wouldn't fluctuate like Troy. These two examples, Martin Luther King and Rose, is a great example to show that people have to pay attention to mistakes to order to make progress.</p>

<p>Deciphering our mistakes is a great way to make progress in every part of our lives. The reason why Martin Luther succeeded was that he was able to find out what was wrong with the society and what specific mistakes the society was making. Through his actions, not only did he make himself a hero, but he also helped millions of Americans by lessening discrimination and the way the people act towards African Americans. Rose, on the other hand, helped us to understand that the world is meant to create mistakes and it is required to make us a powerful character. Without his husband, she would never have become a strong mother like it is now.</p>