sat fees

Hi I was wondering if SAT scores sending can get completely waived? I did use a fee waiver when taking to SAT and so I have 4 free waivers but i have many more schools and the fee is a burden for a family like mine and was wondering if theres a way to waive the fees for any scores after the 4?

Choose the schools carefully; however, it’s only $11.25 per school.

My D applied to a school who accepted the SAT score reported on her high school transcript, we did not have to use a score report from collegeboard for that application.

So ask the schools.

And agree, send the apps and scores to the schools you are most likely to be accepted to and can afford.

Net price calculators on college website can help with that.

If things are tight financially make sure you try to work this summer to save some money for books, supplies and money for travel to school next fall.

Great advice:

oh okay, thank you so much everyone! :slight_smile: