SAT-good enough or retake?

<p>June SAT</p>

<p>CR: 600
Math: 680
Writing: 650 (10 Essay)
Total: 1930</p>

<p>Is a 1930 a good enough SAT for UT-Austin or should I retake?... As far as GPA, APs, ECs, and all the other stuff, I have great credentials. My school does NOT rank.</p>

<p>On a side note, I took the June ACT as well and feel as if I got a 30+ (I get the scores back on the 28th).</p>

<p>Some non-ranking schools will tell UT if you are in the top 10%. Do you think you would be? Otherwise it's pretty difficult to get in, and I'd recommend raising your SAT score.</p>

<p>yeah, my school releases percentiles (top 10, 25, 50, etc.). I am top 25. not top 10.</p>

<p>I'd retake it to at least get over 2000.</p>

<p>Your CR + M score isn't bad, but since you aren't in the top 10, I'd want to get that as high as possible.</p>

<p>I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but I plan on majoring in Business.</p>

<p>If I took the SAT again I could raise my score a bit higher, but here's the real question: is it worth it? CR and M are, of course, the more important of the three categories and I could probably get a 1300+ if I retook it.</p>

<p>I'm really hoping for a 30+ on the most recent ACT test... I think I have a really good shot at it.</p>

<p>Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your chances of getting into McCombs are really low not being top 10%. I know plenty of top 10% who didn't even make it. I think the cut off was around 3-5% unless you had really good EC's (like, something unusually outstanding).</p>

<p>You could still apply as an economics major and then internally transfer after a year.</p>

<p>buy the blue book and then go to the khan academy website and watch the videos for the questions you missed</p>

<p>I'd say you'd probably need a 2100+ SAT/32+ ACT to have a chance at McCombs.</p>

<p>I thought McCombs has a separate admission process that doesn't abide by the top 10% rule... They have more of a holistic process, yes?</p>

<p>Yes, but imagine their rule as the 3% rule or something like that. They take rank into consideration considerably. If you apply and get your acceptance letter in the mail a week later (like I did) then you got in purely because you were ranked so highly. If it takes a month or more (or didn't arrive until April) then they looked at you more holistically.</p>

<p>^Why Two Kay speaks the truth.
Unless you have some great hook then I'm not sure if 25% is really good enough for McCombs. I had a friend with a 2150 SAT and top 20% who wasn't even accepted into UT, so honestly general admittance might be a worry on its own. Just be careful and don't forget to find a couple reliable safeties.</p>

<p>Yeah the mccombs 3% rule is quite accurate. I was in the top 4% with a 1980 as my sat score and i got rejected...7 spots behind a friend of mine who was top 3% with a 1920 sat score and she got accepted. this should speak for itself.</p>

<p>so the consensus is you need to retake, have you done the blue book tests yet? those can help quite a bit if you review what you missed</p>

<p>what if i just majored in economics?</p>