SAT: Help with Math Study Plan

<p>My latest scores were 660R, 640W, 560M(Took this test 3 weeks ago). I'm positive I can get CR to 700 and W to 700(that would just mean a 10/12 on the essay for me), MATH IS THE ISSUE. I'm taking the test in December and want atleast a 2100(this will be my first official SAT test, as a junior)</p>

<p>My current schedule: I want a 700 in math, about a 140pt increase.</p>

<p>Gary Gruber's Math workbook(20-25p. per day): I'm doing all the drills/review material questions</p>

<p>Barron's SAT 2400: 2 practice Math sections a day. I particularly like Barron's as they provide solid answer explanations.</p>

<p>I don't want to do my 10 Collegeboard offical SAT's yet because I feel I still need to learn some concepts, and don't want to waste those valuble tests, so I'll only begin doing those once I've finished the workbook and all the Barron's SAT Practice Math sections. Please help me design the perfect study plan for math to get a 700!!!I'm open to all comments/suggestions/productive material.</p>

<p>I'm in a similar situation as you. I've gotten my math up to 700 from 590 in a month.
What you're doing is perfect, but to actually take it a step further and improve quickly.
Make a note book with all the questions you got wrong or weren't sure about you that you encountered while doing the workbooks. Copy the whole question, and then write the answer and explanation (can be in your own words) on a different page. After you fill the book, go back and do the questions again (there are currently 70 in my book!). Check your answers, then if you got some questions from your note book wrong again, then write them down again. This way, you'll narrow down all the questions you have problems with until you can solve every single one! Eventually, you'll cover so many questions that the SAT will be a piece of cake.</p>

<p>I find the questions(in the Math Wkbk) that I'm doing right now fairly simple. And I do all my questions in a notebook because the book is from the library, hah. Good advice nonetheless, I was also glad to see someone achieve a goal similar to mine, very inspiration.</p>