SAT Help

<p>I barely joined right now, and I've been wondering how everyone on here is soooo smart???
My college goal is no lower than UCLA.
I do get straight A's and have been, but my main focus now is my SAT score.
I'm a Sophomore right now and I decided to quit all games and really focus to get at least a 2000 SAT goal.</p>

<p>Sooooo, in October i took the PSAT (last minute opening, 5 minutes before school started) so i took it unprepared and got a 141.
That was a slap to my face so i signed up for the practice SAT on Jan 28th at my school and got the results this week and got a 1600..
570 Math, 530 CR, 500 writing</p>

<p>I won a "Hack the SAT" book in the raffle and will be getting it in the mail soon, but today I went and bought myself the Blue Book. During this summer break I am going to go to Elite Sat school. </p>

<p>Before then I wanted to know how much I can improve before i reach summer break, and my mindset is very determined to work and work and work until i reach over 2000 and hopefully 2100.</p>

<p>And to everyone with high 1800-2100 on their first practice SAT, have you guys prepared since you were little?</p>

<p>If you're really dedicated then I think you'll be able to get over a 2000. Taking practice tests is the most important thing to do, but make sure the tests are from college board. Stay away from Kaplan.</p>