SAT Hit with Security Breaches; Went Ahead With Leaked Tests

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CB must stop recycling tests.

Oh, and guess what? The ACT is vulnerable in the exact same ways and as its marketshare in Asia grows, so does the cheating.

I’m surprised he would admit to this.

I just read the report. It’s quite eye opening and disturbing as well, for kids trying to just honestly take the exam such as my D. It’s not surprising though – where things (college admission) are in demand, black markets will arise. Sounds like cost analysis decisions by ETS dealing with revenue drive their decision making rather than any desire to make the test fool proof.

doesn´t he can get suspended because of this, I mean he cheat on the application process I guess

Here is the CB’s response:

Here’s something; why not stop administering tests in Asia altogether? If there’s constant cheating and dishonesty, then why do they deserve a spot in any American college/university?

Why not ensure that enitre exams are not reused from US to Asia. It is not like Asia is on Mars and they can’t find those exams.

I’m pretty sure that they already knew about this. Thus, you see stories of 2400 SAT Asian kids getting rejected. This is a good thing about holistic is that once you past a certain threshold, the differences in score does not matter as much anymore as they compare other elements. This is the same as the article I read in the Times I think about how like thousands of Chinese applicants try to distinguish themselves by going on expensive trips to Tibet or build a local church in Africa or just straight up lie to make them stand out. I’m pretty admission officers are used to these stuffs. They might not be 100% omniscient about who lied and who didn’t and of course they could probably miss a few but it’s better than none.

8 out of 14 violations since 2013 were contributed by the discussions of students on CC.
CC members discuss not only about the SAT but also about other national competitions (AMC, Chemistry, Bio Olympiads,…). This should be stopped.

Or reused at all. It does not matter where they are reused; if they are reused, there will be cheaters trying to find the questions before the test.

This is analogous to lazier high school and college instructors who do not let students keep their graded tests, because they reuse the tests the following year or semester. But the questions get leaked anyway. But it is on a much bigger scale when the College Board does it.

Yes, CC is mentioned in the article (pretty far into it). The CC exec gives a very wishy washy comment.

Once again: CB must stop recycling tests.

I truly can’t understand why they reuse exams. It seems so simple to just create new tests. Surely there is enough money to hire people to do that.

I can understand why they reuse exams - as with most things, the answer is cost. New exams cost money, hefty salaries for the College Board’s leadership cost money, and I doubt the CB found that a difficult choice.

What I can’t understand is why colleges don’t crack down on the practice, and vote with their feet. I gather the SAT essay was instituted when the UC system thought about making the SAT optional, and a similar move by any significant number of colleges would be an existential threat to the College Board. Or maybe the 7 states that use public funds to pay for students to take the PSAT could use their bargaining power to force change.*

*The fact this hasn’t happened yet vindicates the CB’s decision to spend half a million dollars on lobbying instead of new exams.

I would imagine I’m not the only senior who’ll be happy to never give the College Board another cent.

Time zones can be an issue too… I wonder if one long-term solution will be to create randomized tests administered electronically. Certification programs like Microsoft’s have been doing this for years. A large enough database of questions could even let them administer the test on demand instead of on specific days at specific times.

Wow - that is quite an article! This stuff just makes me upset - as a mother of a hardworking junior and sophomore who have to invest lots of time to do well - in an honest undertaking, its another black eye on the standardized test process as part of college admissions. I do think the compromised exams should be thrown out & there needs to be a secure/fair way to test students if this is going to remain an important component for admissions. Do we imagine ACT has similar issues?

Time zones are issue