SAT I and SAT II Tests Interwined

<p>Hey again everyone! Haven't posted here in awhile..I just have several quick questions.</p>

<p>Let's say I took both the SAT and SAT IIs and I have no time to take any more retakes, since my college application deadlines are soon approaching. If my SAT I score is really awesome, but my SAT II scores are WAAY beyond low (around the mid 400s), how would that affect my application (on a scale of 1-10)? Would this give the admission officers the impression that I stink on certain school subjects just because of my low score on several SAT II tests? Are the SAT IIs ranked as high as the SATs or what?</p>

<p>I'm asking this, because I might change my SAT I test date to December and ditch retaking my SAT IIs, depending on my progress in mid-October. (I've procrastinated way too much for the past month or so..=0=) I'm applying to Princeton, which requires SAT II scores as well as SAT I scores. What is everyone's take on this? Is this such a wise decision or no?</p>

<p>I'd appreciate the help. Thank you!</p>


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<p>definitely get those sat II up from 400 man. That is like below avg. and will hurt you at Princeton. They will see the huge gap and think something is fishy. You dont want that. If you have a good sat i score, dont worry about it. 2200+ is good enough. or 1500+ on the old scale should be what you should aim for. if you have that, then focus on sat II.</p>

<p>SAT IIs check your competence in a subject matter (at least supposedly).</p>

<p>you do badly on those, your academic prep will probably be somewhat
questionable at top schools? If you want to show you can hack it,
you might not take chances on these ....</p>

<p>SAT I supposedly checks your aptitude for college work.... you could
retake without prejudice...they are not going to reject/accept you
based on single sitting scores....</p>

<p>With 400s or 500s on sat ii's, you have zero chance at princeton unless you are an URM or have a major hook. </p>

<p>To colleges in general, I think that good SAT scores and poor SAT ii scores demonstrate that you have a solid grasp of basic high school knowledge but not of advanced topics, since the SAT ii covers harder material than the SAT. Since you can choose what SAT ii's to take, and you did poorly even on the tests in subjects that you personally chose (which should be your strongest subjects!), colleges may feel that you simply don't have much higher level understanding of <em>any</em> subject area. Depending on the situation of your high school, this might be understandable.</p>

<p>the SAT II english is somewhat the same, math is a lot more than SAT I</p>

<p>Oh man..>__<. Okay, thanks for the responses. I really appreciate it!</p>