SAT I Bad CURVE for 750+++

<p>I missed 3 questions on verbal and omitted one which gave me a raw score of 74. Verbal score 770</p>

<p>I missed 2 questions on math giving a raw score of 57 and a verbal scor of 760.</p>

<p>The math curve is normal, but the verbval curve is very mean :( Usually a 74 gives an 800 or once i saw 790. Why are they so mean?</p>

<p>2 questions should give u a raw score of 58... did you omit one?</p>

<p>No...for arithmetic and algebraic reasoning i got 40 right, 2 wrong, and 0 omitted. Number of questions: 42, Raw score 39. 40 right minus 1 point (.5 times 2) so thats 39</p>

<p>its .25 X 2 40-.25*2 = 39.5 ... rounded to 40...</p>

<p>That does seem like a rough curve. I somehow got the exact same verbal results as you-- 3 wrong, 1 omitted, 74 raw = 770.</p>

<p>And the verbal was quite beastly in October.</p>

<p>Still, not a bad score.</p>

<p>Unless they were four-choice math questions (quant comp), in which case it would be 40-2/3=39.33–>39. Or it could have been one five-choice and one four-choice:40-1/4-1/3=39.42->39</p>

<p>Hey don't complain. On the June sat, I missed just 2 math questions and got a 750, while my friend that missed 2 on the may test got a 780. I'm better at math than a 750 implies. But it is what it is, nothing we can do now.</p>

<p>But, you guys, curves aren't "rough." Supposedly, an 800 is an 800 is an 800 for every test, and a 770 is a 770 is a 770 for every test. I know you know this, but it changes depending on the difficulty.</p>

<p>OK so I was obvciously confused with the point 5. On the 10 real SAT's they were all .25 except for when we had to give answer. SO are they not really all .25?</p>

<p>Ok Discard what I just said! I figure that if I had gotten one of the questions correct than i would have had a raw score of 59. Anyone with a raw score of 59 what did you get on math? Thanks!</p>

<p>Look again in the 10 Reals raw score calculating. In the section with the Quant. Comps you will notice that it has you divide the number wrong by 3 and subtract it from your total correct, and on the grid-in you just add up the number correct.</p>

<p>Yeah I just discovered that :) I am dumb....and 59's out there?</p>

<p>59 in October was an 800 math. 800 800 780 is the farthest I know.</p>

<p>how come a 56 math is only 720?</p>

<p>Uhm. My math might not be correct, but isn't missing 3 and omitting one "5" raw points off? Making it a 73 raw?</p>

<p>I missed 4 on Verbals and omitted zero and still ended up with a 770. I missed 5 in Math and ended up with a 710.</p>

800 800 780 760 740 720 710</p>

800 800 800 790 770 760 750</p>

<p>Slipstream you never fail to amaze me!</p>

<p>I am now sad because if I had'nt missed one of the 2 questons i got wrong, my score would have gone up 40 points!</p>

<p>I guess this is why they say that colleges look at 1500 and 1600 pretty much the same!</p>