SAT I Curves for June 2004

<p>A little late to be asking for these, huh?</p>

<p>Well, I have been searching for the curve results everywhere since June to no avail. But, since I recently found this site, I was thinking you guys would know where to find them.</p>

<p>I got a 720 V, 720 M on the June 2004 SAT I.</p>

<p>On Verbal, I got 5 wrong on the reading, 1 analogy, and 1 sentence completion. That's 7 wrong, which I think 720 is very fair for. No omits.</p>

<p>But, on Math, I got 2 wrong on Arithmetic and Algebraic Reasoning and 1 wrong on Geometric Reasoning. No omits. Even with the SATs ridiculous Math curve, how can 3 wrong only be a 720?</p>

<p>Anyway, if you guys could post the full grading curve of the June 2004 SAT or at least check to see if these scores match up with the curves, especially the Math, I would be grateful. </p>

<p>And if the Math score doesn't match, what should I do to correct it? Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>By the way, raw scores were:</p>

<p>70 - Verbal
57 - Math</p>

<p><em>bump. . .</em></p>

<p>4 wrong math- 710</p>

<p>On the Nov 03 SAT I got three math wrong and got a 730, so a 720 isn't that much worse.</p>

<p>i posted this in some other thread too, but i got 780M (1 wrong) so 1 wrong was definitely 780 in june</p>

<p>i took the nov 6,2004 sat, i omitted about 20 questions (grid in included) got 4 or 5 wrong. wat is my raw score considering the experimental, and the math curve</p>

<p>xoeoeix, STOP POSTING THAT SAME MESSAGE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. People have already told you numerous times that it would be mid to high 500s! Get over yourself.</p>

<p>wtf? it seems that all the ones where they had short reading passages, june 04 and nov 03, have rediculous math curves.</p>


<p>I really want to know the curve here, because I really think the College Board made a mistake. Even if its a 10 or 20 point mistake, that's worth fighting for. A 1450 or 1460 looks much more impressive then a 1440 psychologically. Furthermore, I'm interested in learning computer science, so Math scores are very important for the colleges I'm looking at.</p>

<p>..i doubt a mistake was made, but trust me i agree 20 points would be worth fighting for...800V 780M, and i missed 1 math question, that's it, 1. 1 Question and they stripped 20 points from me...those jerks</p>