SAT I Discussion (Canada/International)

<p>I got the followings:
1. Math - 30 Min. (25 MC)
2. Verbal - 3 short & 1 long (da vinci)
3. Verbal - Masculine and Femanine distinctions in words
4. Math - 30 Min. (QC and grid-in)
5. Verbal - Western American culture on cowboys (double passage)
6. Verbal - Eastern European girl with a rug fetish =P also has a doctor/pharmacist as neighbour
7. Math - 10MC</p>

<p>Which one is experimental? Obviously it's one of the Verbals. At first when i was doing section two, i was guessing it was experimental. Then during washroom break i was notified it was. But after reading some of the American threads, i'm a bit sketchy about it....hmmmm</p>

<p>b u m p p p p</p>