SAT I Essay section - Do subject matters affect grades?

<p>Hey guys--
so, for this year's May SAT, I wrote my essay about 1) Same-sex marriage and 2)How much Collegeboard and the SAT suck. The topic was on rules and limitations and if they "contribute to a person's happiness." My response was that some "rules and limitations" such as the Proposition 8 (bans gay marriages) and the 25 minute time limit on the SAT essay section cause many people to be unhappy.
I am really hoping that whoever grades my essay won't be a homophobe and/or have deep affiliation with the Collegeboard.
But in general, do you think that subject matters will affect the essay (in my case)?</p>


<p>(p.s. I am not trying to start the whole "is gay marriage o.k.?" discussion here :P)</p>

<p>According to my teacher, who is an official SAT essay grader. Subject does NOT matter.</p>

<p>haha yeah i kind of implied that I was an atheist in my essay, I'm hoping my grader isn't a nun.</p>

<p>The scorers are not supposed to be biased... Some teachers in my school used to be SAT scorers and they were instructed to not grade essays unfairly and based on personal beliefs that may be different than that of the student who wrote the essay...</p>