SAT I Math question help plz

<p>Section 7, number 7 page 391 in 10 real sats.</p>

<p>Why is the answer B) Two, wouldn't it be a) one.?</p>

<p>because in column one you can have 36, and that number will affect the rest of the table...</p>

<p>if you put a number into the top left most square (r1c1), the only number you can get from that is the top right most square (r1c2) by subtracting the total for row 1. you need another entry.</p>

<p>i did that one... Row 2 Column 1 and Row 1 Column 2 are what I selected.</p>

<p>You can get them from subtracting from the totals, then. :)</p>

<p>i understand that but what i'm thinking is that if you pick a value for row 1 column 1 then you can get the row 1 column 2 value by subtracting 53-(value of row 1 column 1). Why would you need two values, when one value will give you another value automatically?</p>

<p>ex) If he asks for one value, and say that value is 22 for (r1c1) then he wouldn't need to ask for (r1c2) because 53-22=31.</p>


<p>if you just have one value, then you have two blank rows that you do not have the value for.</p>

<p>do you see how you need two values for row 1 row 2 and row 3?</p>

<p>ah okay i see thanks</p>