SAT I math similar to SAT II Math 1C?

<p>How similar are the math problems on these two tests? Would it be helpful to use the math questions in the SAT I blue book to practice for the SAT II Math 1C, since there are only a couple of Math 1C sample tests available?</p>


<p>The tests are not that similar, really. The SAT II Math Ic test significantly higher level math than the SAT I. Get a copy of the new Math Subject Test book that has two real Math Ic's (and 2 real Math IIc's) and see for yourself.</p>

<p>Beyond that, there are some fairly decent prep books out there. Barron's is not bad, but it's a bit harder than the real test.</p>

<p>Is SAT II Math 1C similar to the math on the ACT?</p>