SAT I Scores and do i have chance?

<p>hey, i got 800 on math on one of my SATs can i combine that with my highest SAT verbal score to make up my SAT score, my verbal is low, a 460, i am thinking of applying to Stanford or Rice, i am Canadian, do i have a chance?</p>

<p>I would bet that a 460 verbal will hurt your chances...combined of only 1260 is low, even if you did get a 800m. Perhaps if you do engineering it won't be such a detriment, but remember SATs are only part of your application - not the end all be all!</p>

<p>460 is low for any major. Why dont you buy the 10 Real Sat's and prep for a month and then retake, coz Stanford and Rice will prefer atleast a 600 on the verbal</p>

<p>i did get the 10R lol, i know, it's pathetic, do u think they'll consider the fact that i am a Ukranian Canadian imigrant(6 years in canada)? i plan to major in bio and chem, currently ranked #1 and 2 in those classes out of 200, most rigorous in school, but only averaging 84% in the two subjects:(!!! Would they look at the percentage more than the rank???</p>