SAT IC MATH, in Lieu of SAT math?

<p>ok i got 3 wrong again... on SAT I MATH.</p>

<p>so that gives me around 730-760</p>

<p>but im going to take the subjects in november? If i do good on IC i.e 800 can that replace my 730-760 in MATH I? because that might give me high 2200s or low 2300s if my CR goes well. instead of low 2200s? I would also be taking IIC.</p>

<p>hey backfire,</p>

<p>i'm also taking math IIc in november. i think colleges consider SAT I math and the SAT math subject tests differently, because SAT I math assesses your capability of seeing the proper approach to a (mainly easy) problem, which is presented in an utterly odd manner. i won't call it "intelligence", but yeah, they want to see/measure how well you perceive, how clearly you can think when you are confronted with bewildering schemes.</p>

<p>the sat math subject tests, on the contrary, measures how well you do on math problems which of course require perception, but mainly formulas and a wide knowledge. More calculating.</p>

<p>and 3 wrong = 730-760?? don't get me wrong, i omitted 3 and checked the curve of last october's test. it said with 3 omissions i could get 740 at most. so isn't it 720 downwards? Correct me if i'm wrong, the prospect of a higher score would make my day...</p>

<p>january raw score of 51/54 was 760... so :)</p>

<p>depends on the curve</p>