SAT II Biology E/M Question....

<p>I am using the Kaplan SAT Subject Test Biology E/M 2009-2010. And There is a question in this book:</p>

<p>What kinds of vegetative propagation do the following plants utilize?
1. daffodil
2. strawberry
3. fern
4. yam</p>

1. bulb
2. runner
3. rhizome
4. tuber</p>

<p>And My question is that will a question, like the one above, will appear on the SAT Bio E/M Test??</p>

<p>well it could be possible but I would not expect them to go into a lot of depth with it</p>

<p>Most likely not. This is way more in depth material than the real test. You should buy PR or Barron's. Kaplan really isn't a good book to prepare with...especially the practice tests.</p>