SAT II changing too?

<p>are the SAT II subject tests changing like the SAT I is, or are they staying the same? (like on the same point scale etc...?)</p>

<p>umm isnt the only reason why sat i is changin is bcuz they are addin in the like..each section is still 800..isnt it..soo point scale shouldnt change..but i could be wrong..</p>

<p>SAT - max score is going to be 2400
SAT2 - same...</p>

<p>I want to take the SAT II MATCH IC, should i wait til march 12th or whatever to take it? Basically, what i want to know is will there be a new version of this test as well?</p>

<p>No. The SAT II tests will remain the same in virtually every way. (with the exception of writing, which will be gone).</p>

<p>they added the writing the section to the new sat, but its not the same thing as the old sat II writing</p>

<p>the SAT II won't be given in March</p>

<p>... although, pepgirly, the new writing section on the new SAT will be extremely similar to the SAT II writing exam. The same content and question types - just 25 minutes to do the essay (I believe?) and two multiple choice sections.</p>

<p>PrincetonReview tutors told me that there is no need to take the satII writing if you take the new SAT I.</p>


<p>The only change to the SAT II's is that they are eliminating the SAT II writing because that will now be covered in the new SAT.</p>

<p>There really isn't any need to take the satII writing if you're taking the new SAT - Will, your instructors were right in that sense. </p>

<p>However, I felt that I was preparing for the PSATs and the New SAT writing section anyways, and decided to take the SAT II writing exam. Ended up being a wonderful idea.</p>