SAT II chem - 370!!!

<p>the title's a lie, i'm just trying to grab some attention :)</p>

<p>which book is best for chem preparation? i'm using kaplan right now, and i'm hoping to crack 730, that would be a dream</p>

<p>and another thing, for all the chem buffs here... i'm a senior right now, and i took chem 1 honors my sophomore year. i did take the SAT II chem in may of 2005 (near the end of my junior year), and scored a 660, with virtually no prep... i was really good at chem my sophomore year, and picked up on much of the concepts myself without the help of a very bad teacher... that's why with a little reinforcement and discovery, i think i might stand a chance to do even better on my SAT II chem in january... however, i think i'm going through all this SAT II chem trouble, and wonder if it's all worth it... you think i could take the AP chem exam and have a good chance at passing if i were to score 730+ on the test?</p>

<p>thanks for the input guys</p>