SAT II Chem Book

<p>I need to take the Chem SAT II in December, but I only am starting chemistry this year since my school has the accelerated science program. Thus, I need to teach myself everything I need to know on the test, most likely before we'll cover it in class since we move at a snail's pace. Is there some specific book that would help me in doing this? Thank you for any help you can offer.</p>

<p>There are many books on the market for SAT II chem self-study. For chem, I found that Barrons is pretty good and gets into more details, while Princeton Review is more simple and concept based. Both are ok and didn't help me much. Self study takes a lot of discipline if you want to score above 750. Make sure to take practice tests!</p>

<p>i would highly highly HIGHLY recommend that you take a prep class for chem. there are just too many exceptions and too many topics in chem for prep books to effectively cover</p>

<p>not true. Get barron's. Its the best</p>

<p>what is so hard in teh chem sat 2</p>