SAT II Chemistry and Math IIC

<p>For all those who got extremely good scores on chemistry and math2c what books did you use and which study method would be most beneficial for obtaining the best possible score?</p>


<p>i got an 800 on math 2c. it depends on what level math you've taken up to. if you've already finished precalc, which i had, that's enough, so i just got a book of like 5 practice tests and solutions and did a couple of those tests. the curve is very kind on the can skip a few and even get a couple wrong and still get 800.</p>

<p>i used barrons for chem. Really really good. Exacty like the test. I got an 800 on the test. I find that cramming the night before works really well.</p>

<p>I took the Chem right before my AP test - scored a 770 without studying. If you take it the week before the AP, you'll be fine. As far as the Math2c is concerned, I suggest borrowing someone's book - it's pretty easy stuff - and you don't have to get all of them right to make an 800. And as ay_caramba said - it doesn't hurt to have gone through precal or calc.</p>

<p>My friend used Kaplan's to brush up on chem, keep in mind that it was just brush up--he got a 5 last spring on the AP.</p>

<p>Missing 5-10, and omitting 3-5 will produce what kind of a score on chem?</p>