sat II exams

<p>Is it best to prepare only like a week or two before one takes an sat II exam so that the material will be fresh in one's head? Or is it best to study several months in advance so that one would have a proper grasp and familiarity with the material? Don't both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one is better? Which one worked for you?</p>

<p>Well when I did spanish, chem, and math II I did different study methods for each. With Chem, I had been self-studying for the AP test prior, and then totally forgot that I had SAT II's in June so basically it was a cross b/w long-term studying and then that quick revamp of info the night before since I had forgottne so much in the three/four weeks before. With Spanish I got a SAT II book from my Spanish teacher and I did practice exams for two days [already had a base since I grew up with Spanish parents], and for math iic I just looked at what material is expected from me though I really didn't do much studying since math was the one I felt the most comfortalbe with. So... in terms of workin out, I did the worst on my Spanish SAT, can't say I'm exactly happy with that but I sort of expected it since I realy didn't cover irregular verb conjugations like I should have. However in terms of which studying technique works best, hmmm, I would say just start looking into practice exams about a week before the test since you should generally have a prior knowledge on the SAT II's you're taking unless you're up for learning a whole new concept.</p>

<p>math II- 800 - it's basically all the math skills i had before + one month of studying to get familiar w/ structure and questions and learn some things like combinations/permutations that i didn't know before.</p>

<p>US History - 790 - i took APUSH so i knew most of the material, i reviewed for about 2 weeks and did some practice tests.</p>

<p>chemistry - 800 - i took AP chem so once again, i knew everything i needed to for the test. i reviewed using a prep book and took a few practice tests.</p>

<p>physics - 700 - i took this frosh year after taking a normal physics course... i studied for about 2 months before the test by learning stuff we didn't learn in class like special theory of relativity and quantum.</p>