SAT II for California

<p>Do you need to have taken SAT II's for all of the Universities in California. Especially USC, UCLA, Pepperdine, and Irvine. Thanks.</p>

<p>USC: optional but will help you
Pepperdine: don't know
All UC's: SAT II very important and even have twice the weight of SAT I in admissions.</p>

<p>usc strongly recommends sat 2's, and the uc's require them.</p>

<p>As to actually requiring SAT II's, the schools in CA I am aware of are: all the UCs (it is a general UC requirement that no one UC can vary), Harvey Mudd, Caltech, Pomona (but can submit ACT in lieu of both SAT and SAT II's there). Neither USC nor Stanford require them (but both recommend). Pepperdine neither requires nor recommends; U of San Diego requires certain ones for placement purporses (you can submit after admission for that purpose).</p>