SAT II for Language and SFS?

<p>Is it required to have an SAT II in a modern language completed and sent to Georgetown before Nov. 1st for EA to the SFS? (Wow, that was a really long sentence!) I'm applying there but I'm not taking the French test until December (b/c on the website it said you didn't need all your SAT II scores in). Will this hurt me? Also, if I take it in Dec. and rush my score, will that be okay? Thanks!</p>


<p>I don't think so..I think it is used for we have to get in first!</p>

<p>From my understanding, an SAT II foreign language isn't required but highly recommended. SAT IIs aren't required for EA applicants, but if you get deffered, you'll need them for the RD round (but let's not think about that!). BTW, I'm also taking the IIs in December.</p>

<p>How does placement work with SAT II scores? What is their cutoff for skipping all the intro and intermediate classes and going straight into advanced/ lit culture classes?</p>

<p>I don't know, because I seem to be cursed as far as the SAT IIs go...I'm definitely in Spanish Literature and have yet to break 700...sort of pathetic.</p>