Sat Ii For Nyu And Umich

since umich and nyu dont require sat ii, im not planning to take it. do u think it ll hurt if i dont do sat ii early decision?

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<p>I have a daughter applying to both NYU and UMich. UMich does not require SAT2s. NYU RECOMMENDS them, so they are not required but they would like to have them. It can't hurt I suppose to not take them but in my opinion, when an admissions office recommendss something, why would you NOT do it? This was the only school my D has that wanted SAT2s and she did indeed take them as have her friends who are also in this situation. I know one person who is a freshman there now who did not take them so you could get in without them. I still think it is best to do what the school PREFERS but as it is not required, it may not hurt you, but hard to tell. </p>