SAT II French?

<p>I finished French last year and I really enjoyed the subject.. I got a 96% (-2 on the oral part, -2 on the written part) on the NYS Regents and ended with a grade in the high 90s overall for the course. I now want to take the SAT II. ould have taken the AP, but my school doesn't offer it, doesn't allow self-studied APs, and doesn't allow freshmen-juniors to take APs at other schools... Anyway... </p>

<p>How difficult is it in comparison to the regents (if anyone has taken both)? How much must I review in order to get a 700+? What practice books do you recommend? </p>

<p>Thanks! :)</p>

<p>it is mega difficult. However, you can prep your ass off with Barrons Sat II. That will definately help, as long as you practice alot.</p>

<p>NYS Regents and language SAT II's are not comparable. 96 is an excellent grade, but the sat 2s really do require a much higher level of fluency than the regents. I got a 100 on the spanish regents, but there is no way im taking the sat 2 in spanish... but idk take a practice test and see how it goes! thats the only way to tell ;) good luck</p>

<p>d00d. I got a 98 on the French regents. I am now struggling immensely with AP french and t3h stupid AP test >_<</p>