SAT II Help please!

<p>Hi I received a 770 V and 760M, and now I am intersted in taking SAT II's. Can I take threee SAT II's at the same time or no? I am registered for November 6th for SAT I, is there any way to change it to SAT II? Like take it stand by or something? Is it better to do that than just taking the ACT? Please help!</p>

<p>yes u can take 3 sat II's at the same time....</p>

<p>i don't know the policy about changing from sat I to sat II though.</p>

<p>Bump Bump Bump</p>

<p>Congrats on your great SAT I scores! </p>

<p>Once the collegeboard site is working properly again it will tell you how to switch. However, make sure you have at least taken a practice test for each SAT II you are thinking of. If you are applying RD you can use the December administration. Some kids do fine with 3 tests, others get tired and don't do their best on the 3rd. You know yourself best and whether doing 3 tests at one go (if not absolutely necessary) is a good idea for you.</p>

<p>i tried to switch but i couldnt...</p>