SAT II instead of a second language?

<p>So I've heard that a lot of universities look to see that you've taken multiple years of a second language in high school (French, Spanish, etc.). Would it be ok just to skip that part and take an SAT II in a second language instead? Does it look worse than taking the actual language course in school?</p>


<p>At least for the University of California taking the SAT II or the AP in the foreign language and scoring sufficiently high serves to meet the minimum course entry requirements for language. Also, post matriculation, a high enough score on the language AP (typically 4 or 5) can serve to meet the language requirements at the UC for certain majors.</p>

<p>There are situations (as, for example, for students who enter high school from middle school foreign language immersion programs) where taking the SAT II or AP is the simplest way to validate knowledge of a specific language. However for most students taking the actual course is best.</p>