"SAT II is not required." Send anyway?

<p>My safety is the University of Maryland, and they do not require SAT IIs. I've taken three already, and will take a fourth (thank you Princeton and Columbia for your strict demands) later. Would it help my application to Maryland if I sent them in? I don't want to just waste the money sending scores that won't have an affect. </p>

<p>For any reference:</p>

<p>06/2008: Biology: Molecular - 750
06/2009: Math level II - 770
05/2010: US History - 710
late fall : Physics??</p>

<p>Sure, send them.</p>

<p>You did well, so send them in, but if you're sending in SAT I scores as well, you'll be paying the same amount regardless. Just FYI.</p>