SAT II Language Tests (Percentiles grrr)

<p>So when it comes to the language tests, how much do colleges look at the percentiles? For example, in the Chinese Language with Listening test an 800 is like the 60% or something...if someone who wasn't native in the language got an okayish-nothing-to-be-proud-of score, how would colleges look at it? </p>

<p>I'm just curious because I know there's no possible way I'd ever get an 800 in Chinese but I'd still like to take it, especially so I have a language test. I'm not Chinese and I'll be taking it with a little over three years of high school Chinese class. Frankly, I'd be happy with anything above a 500. (My other SAT II scores are higher, don't worry :P) </p>

<p>Oh, and people who have taken it: how much of the test is grammar, and how fast do the recordings speak? I can understand about 80% when my teacher speaks in Chinese but that's face-to-face...I've never spoken to anyone without them gesturing around and stuff...</p>

<p>i personally find it hard to believe that colleges would only look at percentiles (especially with language tests)..i'd think they would most likely look at your actual score out of 800..</p>

<p>If your last name is more than one syllable, I'm sure they would understand. :)</p>