SAT II Literature/Chemistry/Opinions on what I should take?

<p>I’ve decided to take the SAT II Chemistry and the SAT II US History subject tests, I signed up for the SAT II Literature as well. Few questions:</p>

<li>Is there a correlation between AP Chemistry and the SAT II Chemistry? If so, do you think the Barron’s AP Chemistry prep book will be sufficient to study from for the SAT II?</li>

<p>2.Since I am not too strong in literature analysis (as I did horrible on the SAT CR), should I even bother taking the SAT II Literature considering that it’s one of the harder tests? The only benefit I see is that I do not have to devote that much time to study for it.</p>

<li>If I do not take the Literature SAT II, what other Subject Tests should I take considering that I only have a month to prepare? I was thinking either Biology E/M or World History but it has been a year since I have seen the material for either. I could buy a prep book and try to recover what I forgot. What do you think?</li>

<p>Sorry, I know this is my second post but I really need some answers and I can’t edit my last post.</p>