SAT II Literature or U.S. History?

<p>So I originally planned to take the SAT Subject Tests for Math 1 and U.S. History but I've been so busy lately that I barely got to study. I was wondering instead of taking U.S. History should I go in and just take Literature instead. Would doing that give me a better chance of scoring higher on a subject test?</p>

<p>Depends. Do you have a basic understanding of figurative language and other literary devices, especially in poetry? Do you usually do well at literary analysis in class? </p>

<p>Many people say that the Lit test is very difficult, but it really depends on your individual strengths. I took the official practice test from the College Board, and I thought it was about the same type of questions and difficulty level as the AP Lit multiple choice. If you've taken AP Lit, you can roughly gauge how well you'd do on the Lit subject test.</p>

<p>I'd say stick with US History if you are willing to study for it, because at least for USH you can study & ace it; literature is pretty much impossible to "study" because, well, it's literature...
Also I find it really hard to pace through the lit. test because a) questions and answers are really long, not to mention the passages; b) reading literature in early morning isn't the most desirable thing to do; c) 60 questions in 60 minutes - a minute per question isn't sufficient, but it's not just the questions - you need time to read the passages as well D:</p>

<p>But well... take into consideration that I just got back home from the test and I am pretty sure that I failed... so I'm stressed and I obviously have something against it...</p>