SAT II Literature Test

<p>okay, so can anyone tell me about it? I recently learned that even though the writing test is now part of the SAT I's, some of my schools still require three SAT II's (Brown in particular), so the literature test seems like the only one I actually can take other than Math IIc and US history, so how hard is it? Do you hink that I would be adaquately prepared for the exam say a month or two into AP English Lit? Please say yes because I don't really have any other options... Also, would it be good preparation to read a lot of diverse poetry and prose over the summer and practice my ability to analyze text? I got a 660 verbal in october (blah...) but with the elimination of analogies and about six months worth of honors english, i'm hoping to pull off a CR score in the low 700s next Friday...will a score like that predict moderate success on the SAT II? Thanks for any and all comments, and best of luck to everyone on their APs...</p>

<p>The lit SAT II is 3 passages and 3 poems. So make sure you know your poem vocab and you will do fine.</p>

<p>I guess I should brush up on my poetry reading skills this summer, are there any books of poems or about poems that I would benefit from reading?</p>

<p>Also, what's the curve like? Harsh, or lenient like the Math IIc?</p>

<p>Mean score was 591 in June 04, compared to Math IIC mean score of 662. My school doesn't offer AP classes, but my English class did do some poetry. I'd suggest reading poems and really thinking to make sure you understand every part of them. Also, maybe get a practice book or ask a teacher for just some passages from classic books (Moby Dick, Jane Austen, Uncle Tom's cabin, Walden...stuff like that).</p>