SAT II Literature with only having Honors English Literature

<p>Is it wise to take SAT II Literature having only had Honors English Literature and not AP English yet?</p>

<p>S scored 35 on ACT English and 36 on ACT Reading. Is this any indication of what he will score on Literature Subject Test or are there other factors to that test??</p>

<p>Take a practice exam from the SAT blue book. My son did and got a 740 with no studying. He gets B's in honors English, but had a 790 on the CR section of the SAT. He thought it was a lot like the SAT1 with poems added. He's going to take it in June since he wasn't happy with his math score.</p>

<p>Get Kaplan's SAT II: Literature. It has a diagnostic test and eight practice tests, it's ridiculously helpful</p>

<p>S2 did the same thing with virtually identical results w/mathmom's S2 (yet again! ;)). S2 gets Bs in IB English, got an 80 on PSAT CR and 710 on SAT CR. Took the practice Blue Book, got a 750, did no other prep, took the SAT-II Lit in May and got a 730, which is 90%tile among those who took the test.</p>

<p>I think how one scored on the SAT-CR is probably a better indicator of success than whether one took AP Lit. It's the same skill set, just a bit harder. Some folks on CC say this is the hardest SAT-II exam, but I think that if one has strong CR skills, it is not a big deal.</p>

<p>Paved, I don't think the OP's S is going to need eight practice tests with ACT scores like that!</p>

<p>To be honest I don't think I could get him to do a practice test. It will be his 3rd Subject Test (Math II 650 and Chem 740) and he's not really wanting to take it in the first place! Three subject tests are recommended for a school that he might be interested in so that is why I'm encouraging him to take the third one.</p>

<p>Don't worry about the class part. I have AP English Literature in Senior year, which starts in September, so there's no point in taking it then (whats a month or two of the class going to help?) I took AP English Language this year, took the AP test, felt that the SAT II Lit was similar enough, and there you go. It's really not that difficult of a test.</p>

Paved, I don't think the OP's S is going to need eight practice tests with ACT scores like that!


<p>If you want an 800, then you'll need all the tests. I felt that Kaplan was really really helpful in getting me a perfect score on literature.</p>

<p>Even though I already had an 800 CR, I did every one of those tests because I felt like Lit was much harder than CR.</p>

<p>wow you are so good</p>