SAT II Math 1 and 2

<p>I will be taking the Math 1 and Math 2 on January 28th and I am wondering what type of math is on each test and if I will be able to get a high score on both sections. I am currently in AP Calc BC and I have done o.k. in my math courses up until now. Also, I got a 790 on the SAT I math section, if that matters. Also, can anyone recommend a good SAT II prep book? Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>I find the Princeton Review prep and the Spark Notes extra practice tests really helpful. If you're a math person just chill, you'll do fine. Just wondering why are you taking both?</p>

<p>i dont think you should take both math SAT's in one sitting</p>

<p>if you got a 790 in SAT math I, then i'm assuming you're shooting for a very good school. even if you aren't going to do anything math-wise, you're gonna end up taking a math SAT II... i'd say you should study up for math 2, and you should end up doing just fine</p>

<p>I concur with sunkist -- if you are doing well in Calc, just prep and ace Math 2, which has a much more forgiving curve.</p>