SAT II MATH II Question.

<p>I haven't taken precalculus but taken basic trigonometry. I am currently in AP Calculus AB, I am making A's on all my test/quizzes and assignments. Do you think getting a 4 or a 5 would be same as getting 800 on the SAT MATH II Exam?</p>

<p>Does having calculus help with the SAT MATH II Exam?</p>

<p>Having calc won't directly help on the exam and getting a 4 or 5 on calc ap test doesn't mean the same as an 800 on the SAT Math II---I know plenty of people who got 5's (pretty much everyone at my school gets a 5 on AB and BC) but still struggled to get above a 750 in SAT Math II. </p>

<p>The way to get an 800 is to just be good at math. I say you have a decent shot at it though since you are getting A's on all your tests/quizzes---the curve for Math II is the most generous aside from Physics. </p>

<p>I suggest take lots of practice tests. That's the only way you will really know</p>

<p>I'm taking BC Calc right now and got B+ for the first semester, which is actually considered pretty high because our school's math programs are challenging. I took SAT Math 2C this January and I'm not so certain if I will get 800. I feel like just because you're in AP math, it doesn't guarantee you an automatic 800. </p>

<p>I agree with Shiningknight. It seems like you have basic fundamentals and can build onto them quickly, given that you get As in Calculus. I suggest that you take plenty of practice tests, find out what type of problems you get wrong the most, and just focus on those. :)</p>

<p>No. My schools AB calc class last year, for example, had everyone except for one person get a 5 on the AP exam. Out of those same people, only one person scored above a 750 on the regular SAT math. </p>

<p>That has no bearing on whether or not you, specifically, can get an 800 or not, but being in AB calc certainly does not guarantee an 800.</p>