SAT II math iic

<p>any advice for iic? i can barely get a 38/50 on barron's, wat should i do????
any advice for getting 800, i am getting PR study guide sometime this week and i will take the test in december. Help!!! :(</p>

<p>The Barron's isn't really accurate, as I'm sure you have read. The tests are extremely difficult in there.</p>

<p>Just keep on practicing, and get that PR book and take a diag from there (or better yet, from "Real SAT II Subject Tests"). It will give you a much better accurate estimate in terms of your score.</p>

<p>38/50 is pretty damn good for Barron's. You can pull off an 800 on the real thing probably.</p>

<p>I used to get ~37-40/50 in Barron's and managed an easy 800.</p>

<p>i feel confident already :)</p>

<p>good luck! i just took it this month and i found it easier than barrons tests that i looked at afterwards. they either overprepare you, or scare you into not taking it lol</p>

<p>Yeah, I started reviewing with Barron's last year, a little too late and felt overwhelmed. So I decided to take it just this past month. Did not even prepare except for reviewing very little trig and I feel that the test was rather easy..BUT I havent gotten my score yet, so we'll see.</p>