SAT II Math: TI-89 = TI-84se + programs

<p>Hey, I am going to take the SAT II Math II exam soon</p>

<p>Everyone says that using a TI-89 will help you and its the best thing a student could ask for. However I didn't know about this and bough the TI-84 SE which cost a hefty penny. </p>

<p>Does any calculator person know how to make my TI-84 se as useful through some programs from</p>

<p>For everyone thinking about moral issues and the whole "programs = cheating" thing, I have no morals because I have no soul...</p>

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<p>the above link is about an OS for TI-89 so that post would not help you.
My friend has a ti-89 and I have no clue how to use it. make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get used to it, like, several months.
Meanwhile, i;m happy with my 84. I have tons of my own programs, like quadratic formula, triangles, polygons, sequences, foiling, binomial expansion, distance, you name it. TI website may be useful, but not as useful as learning to program your own. That way, yu know exactly howto use them and customize them.
Learning to program too requires time, but its the best way</p>

<p>Hey, Im not permitted to enter that link, Im interested in the OS, can you please post the download link or something? thanks</p>