[SAT II Math] TI-89 Trig Notation

<p>Does anyone know how to translate the notation the 89 gives as answers for trig eqations? </p>

<p>For example,</p>

<p>solve(arccos(cos(x))=0,x) -->> x= 2<em>@n2</em>pi </p>

<p>Ordinarily, I graph the equations, but i figured it might be easier/faster to know the notation. </p>


<p>You can use the "with" bar, like this:</p>

<p>solve(arccos(cos(x))=0,x)| x>0 and x<2pi</p>

<p>or whatever you want the solution to be between.</p>

<p>where do you get the "and" from?</p>

<p>Sorry, im new to the wonders of the 89</p>

<p>If you didn't know @n2 means second arbitrary INTEGER constant. If you try to solve the problem again it'll probably put an @n3 instead (so it doesn't get mixed up with the first integer constant), and so on... If you ever get @1, @2, @3, or something like that without the n, that means ANY REAL arbitrary constant (but those don't really come up unless you're using DEsolve). If you want to reset your constant count go to Clean Up (F6, I think) then NewProb</p>

<p>Note: NewProb will clear all your input entries (and the outputs) as well as delete the values stored in constants a-z.</p>

<p>It kind of sucks but I type in the and (there might be a faster way), it wuld be something like entering these in (i didn't put in second, alpha, and diamond as key entries though) after the solve command:</p>

<p>[ | ] [ x ] [ > ] [ 0 ] [ space ] [ a ] [ n ] [ d ] [ space ] [ x ] [ < ] [ 2 ] [ pi ]</p>

<p>Also incase you didn't know [ | ] is the "such that" or "when" operator used to substitute in temporary values or set restrictions like above.</p>



<p>Math, 8, 8 (or type it out, but that takes too much work)</p>

<p>I usually press Catalog then A and it comes up.</p>